Surefire Tricks for Packing Fragile Items During a Move


Moving is one of the most dreaded activities by homeowners and for a good reason. Not only is it emotionally challenging to the home occupants, but it also calls for the tedious chore of packing and unpacking a host of items. While some belongings such as clothes, shoes, and books are easy to pack, delicate and breakable items such as electronic devices, mirrors, musical instruments, artwork, and lamps call for extra caution. To help with this challenging endeavor, here are some key pointers on how to pack frail items before calling the movers:

Using the Right Packaging Materials

When it comes to packing precious but delicate items, you’ll require procuring plenty of packaging materials. These materials should be sufficiently soft to prevent vibrations and protect the items from crashing against each other. You may use blankets, pieces of old clothing, or towels to cushion your items. Other effective materials include bubble wrap and packaging paper. You’ll also need sturdy cardboard containers to place your items after wrapping them.

Configuring Your Possessions

After obtaining the right packaging materials, the next step involves wrapping the delicate items. To be successful in this procedure, you’ll need to go above and beyond and provide personalized attention to every single item. The trick is to wrap each object with two layers of packaging paper and then add a roll of bubble wrap. Finally, tuck the edges or use tape to prevent them from unwrapping. This process ensures that the items are tightly wrapped so that they won’t crash on each other during loading, transportation, and unloading.

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Preparing and Placing the Items into the Cardboard Boxes

Place several layers of packaging paper or bubble wrap at the bottom of your moving boxes. This will help with absorbing potential vibrations or impact while the truck is moving or when the boxes are placed haphazardly. To save on packaging costs, it would help to replace the bubble wrap and packing paper with towels, pieces of old clothing, or several sheets of newspaper. Place the wrapped items one by one inside the box and remember not to overload. Flat items such as plates should be stacked together and glasses arranged close to each other. After placing these items inside the box, add a protective layer with bubble wrap or cloth on the sides and atop the items. Finally, use sealing tape to close the boxes tightly.

Proper Labeling of the Boxes

Before the company offering you moving services in South Florida arrives, you will want to label the boxes as “fragile.” While this might appear unnecessary, particularly when trusting your excellent memory, remember that you’re not the only person handling the items. Labeling cardboard boxes with a fragile tag helps remind the people handling them to be more careful when lifting and carrying them. Besides adding labels, you’ll need to communicate with the movers to let them know what’s contained in the boxes. This will ensure that they provide the extra care needed to deliver the items in their proper condition.

You may not know how many fragile items you have in your household until it’s time to relocate. These items require extra care, and packing them could prove to be a nerve-wracking affair. From using bubble wrap to sturdy cardboard boxes, being vigilant when packaging these items prior to calling the movers makes a huge difference between losing and keeping your cherished possessions, ultimately rendering your efforts well worthwhile.

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