The Appeal of Living in Kapitolyo: Safety, Food, and Culture


Kapitolyo is situated in Pasig City, close to other points of interest like Ortigas Center and Capitol Commons. There are many reasons it’s such an attractive place for one to live, one of which is its safety relative to the rest of the city.

The name itself, Kapitolyo, is the way it is because it had once been a capitol compound. This is where legislators used to hold sessions. It’s now a high-end residential area located in an emerging and popular commercial district.

Because of its history, Kapitolyo still has strict policing measures in place. Policemen patrol the area and security guards position themselves at business establishments to reduce the likelihood of crime.

History and Culture

The seat of government was not always located at Metro Manila. While this was the case, Kapitolyo was Pasig City’s center of power. The place is still full of historic buildings and houses prominent at that time in history. It’s a good place for those who can appreciate the culture of a place and find it enriching to take nostalgic trips around the city.

It’s also a place where art thrives. There are restaurants and nifty little shops everywhere, filled with art in all shapes and sizes. That makes it attractive for local artists and food trippers. The place just seems to draw in people to visit or to live with its vibrant and artistic atmosphere.

Cevio Art Haus

The Cevio Art Haus is positioned in San Isidro Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It was originally designed as a home, but later turned into a space to display the works of emerging talent of up and coming, young, and modern Filipino artists. There’s also a host of masterpieces held here. Some works include those from the abstract painter Milmar Onal and the S16 Art Group of Angono.

Silantro Fil-Mexican Cantino

Assorted Fil-Mexican FoodKapitolyo is frequented by foodies because of the number and variety of restaurants that have emerged in recent years. They cater to a wide range of palates and flavors and food influences come from all over the world.

The Silantro Fil-Mexican Cantina, for instance, offers not only a distinct Mexican flavor, but also a hint of Filipino culture. It’s perfect for those looking to change up their eating routine or try something new.

Heima Brixton

Consider exploring the condominiums offered for sale in Ortigas. Living here, you have access to the Heima located at Brixton Street. This is a good place for you to get inspiration for home décor. Heima Brixton has workshops on design and decorating. It’ll be much easier for you to attend these sessions when you’re living in the area.

Ace Water Spa

Ace Water Spa was the Philippines’s first European spa concept. It’s a relaxing place meant for you to have fun and spend time with your family and friends. The place is complete with steam and saunas, pools, and massages. It’s open from 6 in the morning to 11 in the evening, so you can drop by just before you leave or get home from work.

Living in the district of Kapitolyo gives you easy access to various attractions and eateries worth exploring and experiencing.

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