Walk the Talk: Top Three Ways to Build a Sustainable Lifestyle


When you look at social media, you’d think that a lot more people will be living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life with all the rhetoric going on. But no, the world is still in a far more terrible place than it was a decade ago. Even the coronavirus pandemic, which stopped air travel, did not do the Earth good. Millions of tons of surgical plastic masks will soon choke the environment. It is time for you to do the three simplest things you can to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Build a Wall Planter


Don’t stop with growing a garden in your house and lot. Build a wall planter, too. Surround yourself with as much greenery as you can. A wall planter is an excellent idea because it doesn’t take too much space. It also shades your house from the heat of the sun, so you won’t even need to turn on the air-conditioning unit every summer. You’ll save on electricity bills and reduce the strain these air-conditioning units put on the environment.

Aside from that, a wall planter also improves the quality of air that you breathe, so there’s no need for an air purifier. It also saves water because an automated watering system will allow the water to trickle from above and to the plants below. Finally, it also looks spectacular, giving your home a zen-like ambiance.

Install Rooftop Solar Panels

It’s time to live off the grid. No, not live off the grid without electricity. Simply installing rooftop solar panels will generate all the electricity you need in your house. You can even sell the excess energy that it generates back to the grid. Living off-grid has many benefits. It reduces your energy consumption. That’s great for the environment. You’ll also receive subsidies since the government actually pays people to use renewable sources of energy.

Rooftop solar panels can prevent about 50,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Aside from the fact that you are saving a ton of money that you would otherwise use to pay your electricity bill, but you’re also helping save the environment. It’s a win-win situation.

Buy an Electric Car

Forget about your dreams of owning a muscle car or a sports car. The truth is these cars won’t be of much use in the future when the world has depleted its natural resources. Your car accounts for 10% of your carbon footprint. Sure, an electric car is expensive at face value, but you can save as much as $2,500 in gas in 24,000 miles. You can go anywhere you want without having to worry about the cost of fuel.

More, many of these electric cars now come with solar panels on the roof. This can power the car for more miles than you can imagine. Wouldn’t it feel great not to have to worry about gas prices?

Living green is super fun, exciting, and fulfilling. Every small step you take to reduce your carbon footprint is a big leap for the environment. Start small and then slowly go big with your green living plans.

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