No Entryway, No Problem: Ways to Welcome Guests to Your Home Fabulously


Most traditional and modern abodes have an entryway. It’s a small hallway with barely any furniture, just a console table and perhaps a cabinet for shoes. Coat hangers are a must in there, too. Entryways set the tone for the entire house, and serve as a place for guests and homeowners to shrug off their coats and take off their dirty shoes before going to the main spaces.

Entryways can either be plain or well decorated. While plain entryways aren’t uncommon, they can create the impression that the rest of the house is plain, too. On the other hand, a well-decorated entryway speaks of the owner’s personality and creativity. If the entryway is already stunning, how much prettier is the rest of the home, then?

Sadly, houses today are shrinking due to the increasing prices, leaving no more room for an elaborate entryway. If your apartment, condo, or home feels less inviting because of it, here are some hacks to welcoming your guests more fabulously:

1. Freshen Up Your Front Door

You don’t really need a dedicated entryway to make a more welcoming space. A beautiful front door alone will do. It will also improve your home’s curb appeal.

If lack of brightness is your problem, swap out an opaque front door for a glass one with a wood or metal frame. It would invite rich natural light into your space, making it more inviting. If you’re concerned about your privacy, select a highly reflective window film, or have the glass only on the top part of the door.

A boldly colored front door, like yellow, red, or green ones, also makes a statement. They’re unusual, so they’d certainly draw comments. But if bright colors aren’t your cup of tea, it’s perfectly fine to stick to traditional tones like brown, black, or white. Just find a reputable door manufacturer that offers a wide range of designs, or allows customization.

2. Hang a Huge Portrait or Artwork By the Front Door

Your missing foyer doesn’t have to rob you of a welcoming feature in your home. If there’s a generous wall space by your front door, hang a huge portrait or artwork there. It could serve as the welcoming piece, the decoration that sets the tone for your entire abode. Choose a portrait or artwork with care; ideally, it should reflect your personality.

For example, if you hang a paint rendering of your pet there, it could show your guests that there would be a fur-baby sharing the space with them. On the other hand, if you hang a classical artwork there, it could indicate your sophisticated taste and luxurious lifestyle.

3. Put Up a Small Bench or Chair

A small chair bench or chair near your front door can make a big difference. That piece of furniture can help your guests take off their shoes or put down their heavy shopping bags comfortably.

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4. Adorn The Space With Typical Entry Way Necessities

Just because you don’t have a dedicated entryway doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make one. Check the space available; it can surely accommodate some entryway essentials. Think coat hangers, a small shoe cabinet, and a small bench. Don’t forget the runner or floor mat as well. These items will also add to the functionality of your space.

5. Make a Welcoming Statement Outside

Aside from an attractive front door, your whole front yard or driveway itself can also serve as the “entryway”. Beautify your house number, freshen up your mailbox, and keep the lawn mowed and well-maintained. If you use gates, make sure they aren’t rusting. Plant vibrant greens and blooms, too. With such a beautiful sight to welcome your guests, they won’t be looking for an entryway anymore.

6. Install a Statement Light Fixture

To distract your guests from your missing entryway, draw their gazes up to your ceilings instead. A statement light fixture, like a small chandelier, will do that trick. Entryways normally have an eye-catching light fixture anyway, so just use it to create some semblance of a foyer.

7. Hang a Mirror

A mirror is also a common feature in many entryways. So by hanging a large mirror — or putting up a freestanding mirror — by your front door, you can already disguise your living room as a part-foyer. Make sure the mirror is always spotless and shiny.

These additions will make your small space more efficient, interesting, and welcoming. However, keep in mind that just because you lack an entryway doesn’t mean your home isn’t complete or attractive. You still have a beautiful abode, but enhancing it won’t hurt.

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